Secret Encounters with Dr. Wolf: A Small Guy’s Big Adventure

I can’t believe the relationship that I’ve gained with Dr. Wolf. I’m not actually sure what it is, really: We’re not exactly boyfriends. I’m pretty sure he has sex with other patients besides me, but we have something more than just sex, too. At least, it’s more than the kind of sex I was having at the nude beach before I met him. I barely even knew some of those guys’ names and even when I did, we hardly had real conversations. The sex was fun, but it was also kind of strange. Anonymous and, given where we were, kind of dangerous. With Dr. Wolf, it was different. I just went to see Dr. Wolf for my swim team physical, and never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I would end up having sex with him at all, let alone doing it on the regular. I wanted him when he first walked into the exam room; I think he’s the biggest man I’ve even seen. He’s definitely one the tallest, but a lot of tall men are skinny. Not Dr. Wolf. His shoulders are so wide I can’t even get my arms around them. His cock is as big as the rest of him. I was a little bit scared the first time: I’d never even seen one that big. I didn’t think it would fit. But, like I said, he fucks other guys and he really likes little guys, so I guess he’s had lots of practice getting into tight holes. He’s got me spoiled now, though. I mean, it’s not like I wouldn’t let other guys fuck me, but it’s just not the same. His big cock stretches me open so wide and pushes in so deep! My size has been a problem in the past. I’m just too small for a lot of men, but I guess that’s part of what Dr. Wolf likes about me. Dr. Wolf says I’m cute and cuddly, and he thinks that’s great. That’s the thing—I can talk to Dr. Wolf about stuff like that and he really listens and gives me encouragement and good advice. The first time in his office was going to be a one time thing, but he noticed my address and we don’t actually live that far apart. I was just over the moon when he asked if I could come over for a visit. I told him that I have my own car, so it’s not a biggie. In other words: of course I’d love to. I’ve been to his house several times. So, when I was alone for the weekend, I invited him to come over to my place. I wanted him to fuck me in my bed so that when I’m there alone and missing him I can remember what we did. You can’t see our house from the street and, after he pulled into the driveway, nobody would know he was here. We went back to my room and started out pretty much like always: He got me undressed and ate my hole. Then, he stripped and I sucked his cock, at least as well as I can, but I don’t suppose he finds many guys who can take more than half of it. He was fingering my hole, trying to get me loosened up, and I couldn’t wait to feel his cock inside me. When he finally did, he had to start slow. I don’t think anybody could learn to let him just shove it in. He teased me with it for a while but, when he started fucking me, he just didn’t stop. He was just pounding me like a freight train. I was loving every minute of it and wishing it would never end. I was at first a little bit disappointed when he pulled out and shot a load across my chest… until he just shoved it back in and kept going. I should’ve never doubted his stamina, and after that night, I never would again.