Dr. Wolf’s Forbidden Office Encounters: A Steamy Appointment with Damien

In spite of his size, little Damien enjoys sports, especially soccer. He’s too small to play with the guys his own age, but he’s able to join in a game with some high school boys at the local park. With his good-natured enthusiasm and infectious smile, the high-schoolers don’t care that Damien’s a few years older. Actually, most of them don’t even know. Damien is so small that some of the boys are still bigger than he is, though. Occasionally, he gets roughed up. None of the boys are trying to be mean—Soccer isn’t as rough as football, but it can still be a very physical game. Last Saturday, Damien took a hard fall. He actually had to leave the game, but stayed at the park to hang out with his friends. By the end of the afternoon, he realized that he had seriously pulled a muscle in his groin. He even had to walk his bike home because it hurt to pedal. When he got home, he discovered that his mom had gone shopping. That was a good thing: It made it easy to fix an ice pack and go to his room to lie down. He really didn’t want his mom to find out about his pulled muscle. She is way too overprotective, he thought. Partly, she legitimately worries about his diminutive size and the occasional risk that it poses for him. But there’s also the fact that it’s just easier for her to treat him like he’s younger than he is because he still looks like a boy. Unfortunately, the ice pack is not effective. Luckily, there’s a doctor that he knows—and has gotten to know quite well—that he can reach out to. He immediately calls Dr. Wolf’s office to make an appointment for a check up. Groin injuries can be serious, after all. They had seen each other before. As soon as they discovered that they lived within biking distance, Damien started going to visit his “friend with a swimming pool” on a regular basis. Dr. Wolf had told him that he was welcome to stop by anytime that he was home, to have a swim, whether they had sex or not, but that turned out to be something that neither one of them wanted to pass up given the chance. When Damien arrived at the office, the receptionist (fortunately) didn’t notice that he blushed bright red when Dr. Wolf came out. The doctor ushered the boy into the exam room and began a serious examination. Damien’s injury was a very real concern after all. For his part, Damien didn’t know what to think, or feel. Being in the same room with Dr. Wolf turned him on. His hole tingled and itched every time he thought about the tall doctor’s huge cock and the way, in the past, it had stretched him open and thrust so deep into his little body. While part of him—mostly below his waist—was turned on, another part was still embarrassed by the size difference. He could still feel the heat in his cheeks. After beginning his exam, Dr. Wolf determined that Damien’s injury was nothing serious: just an ordinary pulled muscle. Unfortunately, its location on his upper thigh made it unusually painful. He would give Damien a prescription for a muscle relaxer later, but now the only thing to be done was a deep tissue massage, which he was even more-than-usually glad to offer. Not only was Dr. Wolf unopposed to sexual encounters in his office, he very much enjoyed them. In fact, it wasn’t anytime at all before Damien was reaching out to the very large and growing bulge in the doctor’s pants. It wasn’t much more time before the hunky doctor had opened those pants to give the boy access to what he wanted. Damien’s cute briefs were discarded and the doctor’s massage moved from the boy’s aching muscles to his tight hungry hole! Damien distracted himself from the pain by eagerly sucking the sweet sticky precum out of his doctor’s massive erection. Dr. Wolf’s horse-cock penetrated little Damien’s resistant hole. The pleasurable pain of his small body stretching open to accommodate his extra-large lover banished any thoughts of his injury from his mind. Dr. Wolf’s hard, deep thrusting soon had every muscle in his boy’s body completely relaxed and limp as a wet rag and the doctor’s massive dose of cum was the best therapy a boy could get.