Tiny Max gets his prostate checked by DR Wolf’s big daddy dick

Max found himself burdened with concern over his size. He was a small guy in a world of veritable giants—at least, comparatively so. Men of normal size, by the rest of the world’s definitions, towered over him. With this in mind, he scheduled a visit with local endocrinologist Dr. Wolf, who was very interested in diagnosing hormonal issues. Other than this concern, Max was otherwise happy and healthy. As such, he didn’t even really believe his perceived problem was hormonal—how could it be? This slender twink was practically pocket-sized, yet he possessed an active and intense sexual drive. He only really scheduled the visit at the recommendation of his masseur, Mr. Stone, who knew Dr. Wolf was a specialist in dealing with young men’s fears about their size. When Max stepped into the doctor’s office, he heart skipped at what he saw. There’s that sex drive again, working as designed. Dr. Wolf was tall by anyone’s definition. But in comparison to small Max, he was a skyscraper! The doctor was also handsome, and swayed with a sense of ease around the office. As he took Max’s measurements, checked his heart beat, and removed the young man’s shirt, every action, no matter how clinical in nature, took on a magical quality. It was as if each mundane thing he did was a spell, all woven directly in front of Max’s face. It wasn’t a spell, of course. What this young twink was feeling was not magic, but lust. His cock began to rise beneath the doctor’s fingers, pushing against the fabric of his size-small shorts. Every brush and touch against Max’s stomach and chest sent shivers down his spine and quickened his heartbeat. Dr. Wolf could hear the pounding pace all too well through his stethoscope. He knew enough about the science behind human sexuality and anatomy to know how rare and wonderful a find like Max truly was. He wanted—no, needed—to express to him the joy to be had with the dimensions the boy lived with. After thoroughly exploring the eager patient’s vitals, Dr. Wolf wanted more precise readings. He had Max remove his clothes and lay across the hospital bed. The doctor’s large hands roamed the young man’s lean, quivering frame. When the good doctor’s hands dipped lower, pressing firmly along Max’s taint, the boy whimpered—that touch brought back memories from months ago when Mr. Stone worked on Max’s body. His moan drifted off into silence, ending in a satisfied sigh. The doctor knew Max was fine, and knew, more importantly, exactly what he needed to prescribe. A rush of heat flooded to Max’s groin as Dr. Wolf sealed his mouth over Max’s. He dipped his king-size tongue in, filling the boy’s senses with a kiss so masculine and powerful that it practically swallowed Max whole. The young man’s small hands played with the closure of the doctor’s belt with slight hesitance, which quickly evaporated when the doctor held the small lad’s head to his chest. Dr. Wolf was so tall that Max, at his full height, found his vision buried in the doctor’s pectorals during the embrace. Something about that size disparity set Max ablaze, and removed the last of his inhabitations. He pulled down the doctor’s trousers, revealing the boy’s desired goal which was practically bursting out of the white underwear. It was impossibly large compared to his own. Long and girthy, the doctor’s cock rivaled the size of Max’s forearm! It was as intimidating as it was exciting; once Max was back on the hospital bed with Dr. Wolf’s mushroom tip swirling around his fun-sized tongue, he found it less so the former and far, far, far more the latter. Dr. Wolf, firmly aware of the subtle (and not so subtle) signs of the human body, recognized the need for both their releases. He adjusted the hospital bed so that Max could press up against it—he would need the stability for what came next. Slowly, gently, the doctor pressed his tool into the young man’s tiny hole. The further in he pushed, the closer they leaned together, until there was no longer any space between them. The pleasure-pain levels rose higher and higher in intensity as each inch slipped in and out of Max’s rapidly decreasing tightness. Wet slap sounds filled the office. They turned and twisted into various positions along the hospital bed, its hinges creaking in rhythm with their thrusts. Max’s face flushed red and his breath ran ragged under this huge doctor. Dr. Wolf’s strong arms wrapped around the slender twink, and Max held onto him like a lifeline. The suddenness of the doctor’s advances, the carnality of the office visit, and the sheer size of the man… it was so much for Max to take in all at once. But there was more for him to take. And take it, he did; the good doctor, with a groan of euphoria, erupted inside Max. The thrusts slowed, but didn’t stop completely. With an audible pop, Dr. Wolf let go of Max’s hips and allowed his cock to drip out from the wildly stretched-out cavity. Max’s tiny hole dripped with Dr. Wolf’s injection. As the good doctor caught his breath, he leaned in and sealed Max’s panting mouth with one last kiss. Max’s vision blurred. His muscles gave way to exhaustion, and he felt himself melt under the hot lights and hotter body heat of Dr. Wolf. As the doctor pulled away, he suggested they clean up. Sensible, yes, but it was the next suggestion that interested the spent, dizzy Max more—that the small young man was fine exactly as he was, and that a follow-up appointment simply must be scheduled. Max smiled. He had never been more happy at the prospect of having his health routinely monitored.