Tiny boy Serg gets his ass and mouth used by bulky hunk Marko

A lightbulb in my apartment went out. No biggie, right? Well, actually, there’s just one small problem. Although I am in my mid-twenties, my build is small, like a teenage boy. That, and I am noticeably on the short side. So, even if I were to use a step stool or ladder, I would still not be able to reach. I only had one solution: call in the skyscraper-tall, barrel-chested maintenance man, Mr. Marko. He was as big as they come. He could easily reach the lightbulb; he barely had to lift his arm. And if I’m being honest, I found that so fucking hot. Mr. Marko must have realized that I was staring, because he looked down at me and smiled wide. I couldn’t help but blush when I thanked him for the big help. He winked and humbly reassured me that he was available for anything that I needed. God, if he only knew! In that moment, Mr. Marko must have read my mind because all the sudden, he leaned down over me and went in for a big kiss! My normally small mouth was pushed wide open as it took in Mr. Marko’s warm, flavorful tongue. I melted into him. I adored the way that Mr. Marko’s calico-colored bushy beard softly brushed against my face as we made out. Man, I got so hard. Mr. Marko’s enormous hands roamed and felt up every inch of my tiny chest and abs. We could see in each other’s eyes that we both desperately needed each other. I wanted to start unbuttoning Mr. Marko’s jumpsuit, but because I’m so miniature, I had no chance of reaching the top button. It didn’t escape my attention that when Mr. Marko realized my dilemma, he smiled and his dick twitched. I really, really wanted to touch that thing. Mr. Marko and I kept making out and feeling each other up in the meantime. Eventually, we both stood before one another naked, finally. I tell you what, Mr. Marko was as endowed as I had fantasized. His cock was massive and, good grief, was the sexy giant’s furry chest broad! I could get lost between the crevice of those pecs. Is that what maintenance work does to your body? Mr. Marko twirled me around and very slowly removed my underwear. He gasped with amazement when he saw my two perfectly round cheeks. He purr-growled softly but assertively into my ear, the wire of his beard brushing against my neck, as he placed one giant hand on each petite cheek and squeezed. He exposed my button-sized twink hole and utilized his very large and elongated fingers to play with my pucker. And trust me, I wanted so much more of that, but… Without even thinking about it, I dropped to my knees and by some miracle of the sex gods, was able to get my super-small mouth around and down the entire shaft of my colossal lover. I lovingly peered up at the towering DILF beefcake, and the look of pure joy Mr. Marko shot down onto me mixed with animalistic, primal need nearly made me cum right there. I’m pretty sure Mr. Marko nearly did during that awesome, deepthroat blow job as well—he certainly tasted close to bursting! Mr. Marko pulled me off my knees with one hand alone and effortlessly spun me around, exposing my backside again. This time Mr. Marko took his cock and slowly but steadily squeezed it deep inside me. I howled with the intensity of the sensations that overtook my entire body. My grip was so severe as he fucked me that I white-knuckled the edge of the office table he threw me over. My little shrieks of delight caused my crazy-hot, hulking maintenance man to wrap his mammoth arms around my entire body. I could have stayed right in this very position for hours, but I could feel that Mr. Marko’s had an imminent need for release. I entered a sublime state of submissive bliss when my dream DILF colossus placed me on my back and re-entered me. I succumbed to the momentous, final, passionate thrusts of my mountainous man. I couldn’t help but burst out a fountain of sweet, creamy boy semen. Mr. Marko’s own orgasm was not far behind. His heaving, gasping, gigantic frame collapsed over my comparatively doll-sized body. As my handyman and I laid together, panting and sweating I suddenly wondered if there wasn’t yet another light bulb needing changing…!