The Raunchiest Corner of the House: A Steamy Encounter Between a Muscle Daddy and his Fun-Sized Toy

It’s been a wild couple of weeks since little Milo and Mr. Marko fucked for the first time in their office supply closet. A few days later, Mr. Marko got assigned to a big job just a few miles from the office and, even better, the homeowners took off for a month at their beach house to give the workmen all of the space they needed to get the job done. Let’s just say the homeowner’s punch list was not the only work the ginger bear and his fun-sized fuck-toy got done. It was just too easy for little Milo to hop on his motorbike and scoot over to the jobsite, and he knew it only took a wink and a giggle to get his beefy king-sized hero rock-hard and raring to go. All good things come to an end, though. Almost in spite of themselves, the work got done and the homeowners headed home, looking forward to their renovated house and blissfully unaware of all of the deep cleaning that had to be done. Mr. Marko and Milo had what was supposed to be one last fuck in the library, and then Milo went up to shower while Mr. Marko cleaned up. Mr. Marko got all of the cum off of the leather ottoman and even wiped it down with some leather conditioner. It was probably just his imagination—he thought he could still smell sex in the air. What was not his imagination, however, was the faint sound of the shower running upstairs and his vision of the cute naked boy standing underneath it with rivulets of water running down his slim body; small hands spreading soap suds across smooth caramel skin. That thought instantly affected Mr. Marko. He was rock-hard and ready to go again. He didn’t even need to wonder if little Milo was up for a second round: that little slut-puppy never gets enough. Mr. Marko knew he wanted to fuck Milo for the last time on their client’s bed. That was by far the raunchiest place they had sex in the house. Mr. Marko headed out to the van to get an extra blanket and spread it out on the bed because there wouldn’t be time to send the velvet bedspread off to the cleaners. Then, he went to join Milo in the shower, but when he got there Milo was already getting out. The big bear wrapped his boy in a towel, swept him off of his feet, and carried the fun-sized toy into the bedroom with no effort at all. Milo’s cock was painfully hard. Nothing turns Milo on more than a muscle daddy showing off his strength, especially when that involves picking Milo up and tossing him around like he doesn’t weigh anything at all. Once they reached the bedroom, it took no time at all for Mr. Marko’s coveralls to hit the floor, and for Milo to pounce on the big man’s fat cock. Mr. Marko’s extra large dick would be a lot for any man—or boy—to handle, but not one as hungry as Milo. He swallowed the thick log down to the root and lets Mr. Marko throat fuck him. Mr. Marko doesn’t meet many who can do that; he felt like he was in heaven. Mr. Marko laid back on the bed. Milo gave the man’s throbbing tool a few more licks just to make sure it was good and wet, The twink then turned around and sat down on his boss’s throbber . It was a very tight fit in Milo’s tiny hole but they got it in. Soon the moaning, squealing fuck boy is r his riding his man like a mechanical bull. Mr. Marko was more than willing to play the part and just lay back, bouncing his boy up and down on his cock. Soon, though, Mr. Marko wanted more than that. He sat up, gathered his boy in his arms, and stood up. Milo had his arms wrapped around Mr. Marko’s broad shoulders, but his legs were spread wide and all he could do was hang on tight as the ginger bear plowed his little hole deep and hard. Mr. Marko placed Milo back down on the bed. Lifting the tiny guy’s hips up in the air to fuck left Milo lying back on his shoulders, his body still in mid air. Mr. Marko was ready to plow another big sticky load into his boy ,but he holds back and makes Milo come first!