The Doctor’s Housecall: A Steamy Encounter Between Patient and Professional

It had started as just another day at the clinic for Dr. Legrand Wolf: seeing patients, filling out charts, meeting with fellow colleagues—the usual business. Then Dr. Wolf’s receptionist alerted him that a new patient by the name of Dominic was on hold and urgently needed to speak with Dr. Wolf. When the kindly doctor answered the phone, the voice on the other end sounded melancholy. Dominic explained that he might be feeling down, and asked if the good doctor could make a house call. Normally, Dr. Wolf would have taken such a request and referred the patient to an appropriate mental health specialist. However, Dr. Wolf remembered vividly meeting Dominic during the young man’s first physical examination a few days prior. The timid youth had been profoundly shy; Dominic spent the majority of their interaction blushing and clearing his throat. This tiny twink was exceptionally short and trim. His waistline was small by any standards, and. Dominic was clearly self-conscious about his stature. However, the good doctor had a long list of patients who exhibited similar behaviors, so he was used to this type of apprehension. Dr. Wolf assured the boy that he had nothing to be uncertain about. Dominic’s height, weight, and size were quite unique for a person his age. In Dr. Wolf’s estimation, that should be something to celebrate and admire! That made him special. The young man blushed again and offered a weak smile, but Dr. Wolf could tell that his patient was not entirely convinced. After the physical examination was complete, the thoughtful MD remarked with all sincerity that, regardless of size, Dominic was in perfect shape and in great health in general. Now, three days later, as Dr. Wolf patiently listened to the distressed, wavering voice on the other side of the phone line, he became convinced that he should indeed make that house call. The wise doctor had a possible solution in mind that he hoped would help quell Dominic’s body issues once and for all. When Dominic let Dr. Wolf into the house, the sheer size and height of the dashing MD was such that he was obligated to duck just slightly when passing through the front door. Dr. Wolf beamed down on the boy with a warm, yet concerned smile. What was this about not being wanted? Unseen, let alone undesired? Dominic had so much to say, but once again, Dr. Wolf’s honest face and deeply attentive manner quieted and humbled the boy. But yes, if Dominic was being completely honest, his self esteem was at an all-time low. He had reached the maximum height and size that he was ever going to be—as dictated by Mother Nature. Always and forevermore being mistaken for a young teenager was not a long-term cross that Dominic could bear. To make matters even more challenging, his sexual orientation and desires strongly pulled towards big and tall older men. Problem was, this demographic tended to steer well clear of potential underage companions—which Dominic certainly was not, despite his looks. As Dominic stared up at Dr. Wolf, timid and essentially speechless, the thoughtful doctor took the young man by the chin, bent over and kissed him. Dominic was left astonished and feeling…desired. As he gazed up at the sexy giant he took a deep breath, closed his eyes and returned the kiss. Doctor and patient were lost to lust and heated desire. Clearly no longer strictly business acquaintances, Dr. Wolf still had the natural professional instinct to conduct a hands-on physical examination. Except on this particular housecall, the examination was going to include lips, tongue, and his massive cock. Off came Dominic’s extra-small sized t-shirt. Dr. Wolf adored the aroused twink’s physique. Not an ounce of fat on that little body, he noticed. The good Doctor’s large hands and fingers found every inch of the silky smooth, ebony cupid’s skin, and left the boy breathless and trembling. Finally, to Dominic’s relief, the good doctor removed the young twink’s jockey’s, but ever so achingly, teasingly slow. Dr. Wolf peppered Dominic’s groin all over with breathy, little kisses. The little doll nearly swooned, taken over by the powerful sensations. Dr. Wolf strokedDominic’s boy-meat. Then he began to expertly use his fingers to massage the twink’s silky smooth foreskin around and against the sensitive head. Soon, the lad was asked to remove the doctor’s belt and take off his slacks. Dominic could not stifle a thrilled gasp. The massive cock that the doctor carried inside his briefs made the boy’s jaw drop. When Dr. Wolf’s underwear was finally peeled off of him, the mighty sight was even more impressive than in even Dominic’s wildest fantasies. Dr. Wolf moved over to a comfy seat and motioned for the boy to begin sucking him. The moaning DILF had his throbbing, bulbous cockhead kissed, licked and sucked while Dominic’s dainty hand and wrist twirled and stroked the doctor’s dick. Once Dominic finally came up for air, he was instructed to rise and allow the MD to have yet another thorough examination of the twink’s tight, toned chest and abs. The next thing Dominic knew, Dr. Wolf whispered in his ear to turn around and sit straight down on his massive hard-on. This the boy did in a second. He twirled around, hoisted his little body up and pressed his dot-sized hole downwards towards the DILF’s thick cockhead. The boy moaned and hummed loudly as he sank ever so slowly down, his hole opening further and wider than it ever had before. Although Dominic had assumed he wouldn’t be able to take Dr. Wolf’s shaft, the boy’s lust-driven need and determination, coupled with the doctor finding the perfect angle, opened the hole up enough to slide and squeeze the rest of the massive cock all the way in. The petite patient was in pure heaven. The tall, hung DILF doctor was everything Dominic could have dreamed of, and more. The MD’s delightful expertise at handling smaller-statured body types ensured that every position that he fucked Dominic in was conducted with patient practice. Soon, the boy was riding and guiding the pace and intensity of the sex. This turn of play excited the good doctor tremendously. However, as Dr. Wolf’s precise thrusts and breathing got more and more rabid, the doctor and patient both knew the housecall was racing towards its end. Dr. Wolf rammed Dominic’s precious sweet-spot one final time and sent both of them over the top. Dr. Wolf launched deep inside the boy. Even before the panting DILF could pull all the way out, copious amounts of thick wad came seeping, oozing around and out of the itty-bitty puckering hole. As Dominic pulled Dr. Wolf’s hulking body over his, they nuzzled their faces together and kissed deeply. The little twink no longer felt so little, and as long Dr. Wolf promised to make house-calls like this on the regular, the lad couldn’t help but feel about ten feet tall!