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It’s not surprise that Dr. Wolf is a bit of pervy dude. He spends all day being a clean-cut professional daddy, playing the part of the community pillar and trusted resource. But when he’s at home, he likes to play. And nothing makes him hard quite like thinking of a small, eager, hungry bottom taking a giant man’s cock. But why have one of something if you can have two?

Dr. Wolf and his more vertically gifted friends make no secret of their love of fun size boys, often sharing notes and trading experiences about the pocket sized studs they fuck. Surely, no matter how big a place can be, there’s only so many super tall and super small guys around. Overlap is bound to happen, and where most people see competition, Dr. Wolf sees opportunity.

Hearing that his new tiny pal, Ian, has been getting familiar with Wolf’s trainer friend, Dolf, the two men conspired to get their boyish bottom buddy at the doc’s house for a little two-on-one action.

When Ian showed up to Legrand’s place, his mind immediately went to thoughts of deep dicking and intense pounding, excited to take the older man’s massive cock. He could hardly contain his excitement in his pants, popping up a visible trouser tent before he even crossed the threshold.

Dr. Wolf surprised him with Dolf’s presence right away, making his eyes widen with delight. His neck had to tilt upwards to look at the two handsome power tops that flanked him, making him so small and vulnerable between them. He knew they could easily have their way with him, overpowering him both in sexual experience and pure physical dominance.

As much as the fantasy made his loins quiver, the two men were friendly and affectionate as they greeted him, holding him close and kissing him deeply. So deeply that they practically took the air from his lungs. Clearly they had a more loving and passionate threeway in mind.

As the the three men undressed, Ian couldn’t believe his good fortune. Dolf was a tall, smooth skinned muscle daddy with sexy tattoos and well groomed facial hair, making him look some kind of European model. Dr. Wolf was a handsome daddy with movie-star good looks, naturally ememanting power and authority, making him feel like a true alpha.

Ian let the two men have their way with his body, kissing one while the other stripped him down to his jock strap, feeling their hot breath and curious tongues explore him from head to toe. He got lost where one man’s desire ended and the other’s began, practically taking it from all sides.

But once Dr. Wolf pulled out his cock, Ian’s focus went right to the many meat inches the giant daddy gave him. Ian’s mouth watered over it, tasting it and feeling its heat enter his mouth. It was to massive he could hardly fit it between his lips. He gave it all his attention, focusing on making it feel good, savoring every drop of pre-cum that fell out of the tip.

Meanwhile, Dolf got the boy’s hole well warmed up to be penetrated. His powerful tongue whipped up his backside, making it as soft and workable as fresh dough. When he put his long fingers to the mouth of his anus, it took him with ease, practically pulling him, desperate to be fucked.

Dolf needed no other sign than a receptive, responsive hole for him to pull out his own giant cock. The tan muscle daddy positioned himself behind the small bottom, seeing his body extend out of Dr. Wolf’s cock like it was a sheath. The tiny boy looked perfect with a big man fucking him from the front. Dolf thought the only thing missing was to finish the spit roast, compelling him to slide his meaty piece deep in Ian’s wat hole.

Dr. Wolf looked on as Ian was field from behind, feeling himself get even harder as he watched his friend fuck his boy with his long, unwrapped cock. As much as he wanted to fuck his hole himself, he couldn’t deny how hot it was to see Dolf dominate the boy’s hole, pumping deep into his guts and making him whimper on the end of his shaft.

The clean-cut daddy knew he’d get his chance to breed him, enjoying feeling Ian’s mouth close down on him and gag on his size. The two men were going to have a great time making Ian their toy, happy to share him and making him feel like their favorite possession.