Puppy-Like Pleasure: My Office Session with Shay

When I purchased the ultrasound machine it really was purely for professional reasons. As I have focused my practice on young men’s health, I have found myself with more and more patients with various sports injuries and the machine is an essential tool in diagnosing their issues. After I got it, and after the way my patients responded to me, it didn’t take me long to wonder if I could watch my dick fucking up into my patients’ hot little asses. Yeah, you can do that with an ultrasound machine. I’m not sure what turns me on more: watching myself thrust up into their slim little bodies, or seeing the look on their face while they watch me fuck them from the inside out. Sure, they feel my dick inside them, thrusting deep into their guts, but it’s a whole other level for them to see it happening. I’ve been seeing Shay for about a month now. He was a shy introverted guy the first time he came to my office. He was sexually active, but I don’t think he had been in an actual relationship. I have to tread a careful line with my boys. I care for them deeply but I don’t want to let our relationships get too serious. They are young men and they can be impetuous and let their emotions get the best of them. Shay is just like a hungry little puppy. He can’t get enough of his favorite toy: my hard juicy cock. When he begs with that hungry horny look in his eyes and flirty smile, I just can’t say no to him. I’ve been busy for the past week and haven’t had a free moment. My little guy was really needing some quality time with me. I knew when he told me that he had called my office and made an appointment to see me that there was nothing wrong with him. If he had a problem he would call me directly and ask me about it. The truth is that I had been missing him, too, so I let him keep his appointment and played along with it. I figured that if we were going to be playing in my exam room, it would be a good opportunity to show him my ultrasound machine. He really is an amazing boy–he’s learned to take my fat cock with almost no warm-up at all. Not that I couldn’t spend hours with my tongue buried in his sweet hole, but there just isn’t always time for that at the office. He was already lubed up when he came in. We got undressed and he sucked my cock to get it wet, then he just turned around and sat down on it. Before I knew it he was riding me like a bronco. As good as it was, though, I wanted to show him my machine. I wanted to show him the type of experience he could only have with me. I got him onto the exam table, and turned the machine on. It was fun and he liked watching it, but we both realized what we were really focused on was my fat cock plowing his tight hole. I set the ultrasound probe aside and just focused on fucking my boy. I turned him over on his knees and he was at the perfect height for a nice long hard ride. Then I flipped him back over and spread his legs so that I could watch him jack his cock while I plowed him. Fucking can’t last forever, though, especially in the office. Every growing young man can use a healthy injection of protein and I was going to give him an extra-large dose before I send him home happy and full, as all my patients should be.