Marcus gets his ass drilled by Mr. Steele during a workout session

On a whim, Marcus decided it was high time to invest in some home gym equipment. He was initially pretty stoked—but once the delivery men came and installed the giant apparatus in his basement, the boy nearly had buyer’s remorse. The equipment was great, for sure! He just didn’t know exactly how to use it. Marcus recalled an advert in the local paper featuring a former body-building champion named Mr. Steele, who could be hired to be a personal trainer. When Marcus saw the accompanying picture of Mr. Steele next to the ad, his jaw nearly hit the floor. The hulking heavyweight wasn’t just huge, Marcus thought. He was sexy as fuck! After a series of email correspondence, Mr. Steele agreed to come to Marcus’ home and help him become acclimated with the new gym equipment. Upon arrival, Mr. Steele could barely fit through the front door, he was so tall and broad. Marcus awed at the size of Mr. Steele—he could barely contain his excitement at seeing the man in the flesh. Mr. Steele wondered if the itty-bitty guy in front of him might have bitten off more than he could chew. Although in his twenties, Marcus was the size of a very young teen. If not extremely careful and adeptly instructed on how to safely utilize the equipment, there was real danger that this pint-sized pup could hurt himself. So, the elder giant offered to help Marcus learn how to handle and lift the various bars, pulleys and weights safely and responsibly. They began with some basic squat exercises. The lithe-bodied boy immediately impressed his towering trainer. Marcus caught on very quickly how to lift and move his body with near-perfect form and technique. As he practiced, Mr. Steele couldn’t help but notice the near-perfect shape and fitness of the lad’s rock-solid twink ass. After Marcus had finished the final few squats, Mr. Steele helped him place the bar back on the rack. Instead of panting with exertion, like most of the clients that Mr. Steele worked with after such a workout, the energetic boy seemed like he was ready for more. Sure, Marcus might be a little guy, but he was quick to demonstrate that he was tough. Mr. Steele really liked the twink’s feisty, good-natured personality, and he also really liked Marcus’ sexy smile and gorgeous little body. As he had these thoughts, Mr. Steele noticed that the boy couldn’t keep his eyes off of the DILF’s quickly tenting gym shorts. He liked that, too. In the next moment, Mr. Steele and Marcus were all over each other. The super-ripped trainer couldn’t believe his luck as the boy leaned into him and allowed Mr. Steele’s enormous hands to explore every inch of him. The darling boy would have absolutely let this sexy giant touch him all over, wherever and however and for as long as he wanted. But Marcus was aching to reciprocate all this tender attention back to Mr. Steele’s own shoulders, pecs, abs, and…elsewhere. Marcus and Mr. Steele examined and groped one another’s uniquely built and massively contrasting forms. The considerable size difference was such a turn on for them both–Marcus adored the fact that his entire pocket-sized frame could be completely enfolded into Mr. Steele’s mountainous mass. Marcus felt the throbbing of Mr. Steele’s jockstrap against him, and it was starting to drive him a little wild. In a sort of hypnosis, he rubbed his gentle face against the soft, thin fabric of the bodybuilder’s musky jockeys. Mr. Steele rumbled as the eager boy got to work peeling off his underwear and swallowing the shaft beneath. Marcus’ tiny mouth somehow engulfed the entirety of Mr. Steele’s engorged cock. And after several sublime minutes of mind-blowing twink head, the impassioned Mr. Steele suggested that they take their workout to another level. He suggested that Marcus grind his dime-sized anus against the thick iron bar of the powerful personal trainer. Then, to Marcus’ delight, Mr. Steele spun the heated youngster around and impaled him in the reverse-cowboy position. The bright-eyed boy cried out with joy as he managed the DILF’s submarine-sized schlong all the way inside of him. Marcus marveled at how full and satisfying the waves of ecstasy felt rippling through his shivering waif frame. Soon, Mr. Steele instructed Marcus to hoist his little body up against his large frame and practice his newly acquired squat exercises… only, to also do so while riding up and down on the giant’s dick. If the boy were being honest, this was the type of sweaty workout that he had secretly fantasized about when inviting Mr. Steele over in the first place. Mr. Steele had quite athletic stamina, but he knew at any moment he was going to erupt. With one massive hand, the handsome hulk simply lifted his twink client and stood him up for one last set of fuck reps. Marcus barely had time to grab onto the weight rack and hold on as Mr. Steele drove his cock up and impossibly deep into the boy’s tender insides. Marcus shook and wailed as he begged the DILF colossus to pump a big load into him. Seconds later, he got what he screamed for. Mr. Steele wrapped his massive, muscular arms around his new boy-toy and blasted like a warship cannon. Marcus wailed with each massive volley of semen that shot up inside of his tiny rectum, easily filling him up well beyond capacity. After Mr. Steele finally pulled out, the cheeky cherub asked his new personal trainer if he would show him another exercise! The heaving hulk shot Marcus a grin—he was sure he had one more long, sweaty workout in him.