Doctor milks young gay teenage boy during anal ultrasound

Dr. Wolf has seen it all. As a physician specializing in developmental health, he often works with young men as their hormones run wild through their bodies, causing them to change in all sorts of ways. The days can be pretty routine with flu shots and hernia checks, but he always appreciates when a patient piques his interest…

Lucas certainly got his attention well before he even explained the reason for his visit. The handsome young man stood about 5’5” with a sweet smile and a boyish, smooth body. This alone would have been enough to get Wolf curious, but the boy’s constant erection during the exam made it difficult for the older man to stay completely on track.

As he measured, weighed him, and checked his pulse, the boy’s cock stood up between his legs with full force, making Lucas blush with embarrassment. It wasn’t uncommon for Dr. Wolf to see his patients hard. Given the intimacy and locations of his medical checks, some men were more prone to arousal than others. Of course his own stature and good looks didn’t help!

He was prepared to write off Lucas as just another horny, young man, victim only to the circumstances of being touched, but when Lucas mentioned an “injury,” Dr. Wolf was laser focused. As much as he was attracted to him, his first priority was to the health and wellness of his patient, prompting him to give the boy a thorough examination.

Lucas asked Dr. Wolf to look inside his anus to make sure his frequent toy use wasn’t causing lasting damage, prompting the handsome medic to pull out his ultrasound for a closer look. With his legs spread and the tall man standing between them, Lucas’ hard cock found no respite. He couldn’t help but imagine Dr. Wolf fucking him, filling his body with his cock as he towered over him! And once Dr. Wolf slid his fingers inside him, he felt his cock begin to drip pre-cum, desperate for more…

Dr. Wolf could tell from Lucas’ breathing and erection that he was in no pain and there was no injury to worry about, making his own cock swell as he felt his insides tighten around his fingers. He could feel Lucas’ prostate ache to cum, and Dr. Wolf was happy to give him the relief it needed!